Essential Information

Starting University is an exciting time full of great change, with a sea of new faces, various meetings, finding your way around campus, and many other things to do.

The first few days can be quite bewildering, but the Student Services team and all of us at RCSI Bahrain are here to assist you and to make the transition to university life as smooth as possible.

Budgeting and banking

Tips and advice for managing your money while in college. 

What to pack

Advice on your luggage essentials.

Useful contacts

Contact information of RCSI Bahrain departments.

Phone service providers

Bahrain has three main phone services providers: Batelco, Zain and Viva. 


Basic information of transportation options around Bahrain.


Rules, regulations and basic information on how to stay Safe in Bahrain.

Online Delivery Services

Food, Grocery and Essential Items.

Formal Photo Services

Best place to get a formal photo for official use.

About Bahrain

Learn more about the Kingdom of Bahrain and all that it has to offer!