Computer and IT Services

RCSI Laptop

All new-joining students are provided with an Apple MacBook Air laptop for academic use. This laptop will be provided to you at the start of your academic programme and will come with pre-installed set of software you would need for your course.
You need to log in to the device with your RCSI
login credentials that will be provided to you when you receive your laptop. Instructions on setting up and using the teaching software will be provided to you in advance of your course.
You can connect your personal laptop/smart phone to the RCSI campus network by logging onto the RCSI Wireless network using your RCSI credentials.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Moodle, the RCSI VLE ( is a valuable resource for all registered students, facilitating access to a wide variety of information: class timetables, lecture notes, multimedia tutorials, examinations results, self-assessment tests and calendar of events for clubs and societies. It is password protected for the exclusive use of RCSI students. To log on to the system, simply enter your RCSI provided network username and password.


All students are provided with an e-mail address after registration. It is mandatory that students use this e-mail address for all communication with the College. Important notices will be sent to students via their RCSI e-mail address. We therefore recommend students check their inbox on a daily basis.


RCSI has, in addition to the wired network, numerous WiFi access points available to students to connect with the network/internet wirelessly.

IT acceptable usage policy

This is a universal policy that applies to all RCSI students provided with RCSI equipment and access to RCSI electronic data. The purpose of this policy is to establish acceptable use of electronic devices and network resources at RCSI.
Students must read and adhere to the policy. A copy of the policy can be found on the RCSI VLE site under the ICT section.

IT support

The University offers IT support to students through the IT Helpdesk, which is located in the IT Department, First Floor

IT helpdesk

You can contact the Helpdesk team on the following:
Tel: +973 16660060