Orientation schedules and registration

Orientation takes place at the start of your course and comprises a series of introductory lectures which will lay the groundwork to ensure that you are fully appraised of all academic and non-academic matters, to allow you to progress as a student in the University.

Each academic programme will have an orientation week. International students are encouraged to arrive to Bahrain at the beginning of orientation week to finalise accommodation arrangements, complete the visa and smart card process, and prepare for starting university. This period is an opportunity to settle in and get ready for on-campus activities.

ProgrammeOrientation Week
Nursing Year 110th-11th September
Medical Commencement Programme (MCP)3rd – 7th September
Year 1 – 5 Year Medicine17th – 21st September
Foundation Year – 6 Year Medicine17th – 21st September

During orientation week, each programme will be assigned specific on-campus orientation and registration days, where students will be required to attend and complete the registration process, attend introductory sessions, and engage in group activities.

ProgrammeOn-Campus Orientation DayClasses Start Date
Nursing Year 110th-11th September12th September
Medical Commencement Programme (MCP)6th – 7th September10th September
Year 1 – 5 Year Medicine18th -19th September24th September
Foundation Year – 6 Year Medicine20th- 21st September24th September

During the orientation week

  • Students will arrive in Bahrain and finalise their accommodation and visa process.
  • Student induction will take place and students will be provided with support on how to make the transition to University life, how to make best use of University resources and where to get assistance when required. Most of the orientation activities will be conducted in-person during the assigned orientation date, while some information will be delivered in an online format before the on-campus orientation.
  • Students will complete the registration process.
  • Students will be supported by a Buddy, who is an older student and who will act as a friendly guide for the first academic year. Students will talk to their Buddy prior to arrival in Bahrain, and then once they arrive their Buddy will contact them with advice.
  • Students will engage in Freshers Week activities.

The full details of Orientation and the academic and non-academic timetables for the first two weeks will be made available to you closer to the start of the semester.

Orientation Schedules

Download the the full details of the orientation day by clicking on your programme from the list below.


Registration will take place on campus during on campus orientation day. Students will be divided into small groups to complete the registration process and receive their registration packs.

Please ensure you have all the required attested original hard copy documents (NOT emails, as requested by the Admissions office and stated in your offer letter) with you. All fully attested documents must be submitted by registration day.
All registered students will be provided with a Registration Pack containing the following:

  • RCSI Student Card. This will provide access to all campus facilities and is used for attendance. Your RCSI Bahrain ID card is part of the International Student Identification Card (ISIC) system and gives you access to a global network of discounts and benefits.
  • RCSI Apple Laptop (for all new students except for the Medical Commencement Programme). We advise students to bring a backup device until they receive your RCSI laptop.
  • Log-on details for online services & RCSI e-mail account.
  • Access to the RCSI Bahrain virtual learning environment (VLE).

Please review the Important Registration Requirements page before attending orientation on campus and make sure you complete the necessary forms.

Starting Classes

All teaching is conducted face-to-face on campus. Please refer to the Academic Calendars for more details.

  • Students will have lots of opportunities to get to know their fellow students through academic and non-academic activities.
  • Students will be assigned a Buddy during orientation. Your Buddy will give you a tour of the university campus and guide you through the registration process
  • During your first week, you will start the PathWay programme online. The programme is designed to provide important information throughout the first few weeks at university.
  • All Foundation and Year 1 students will be assigned a Personal Tutor who is a member of the RCSI Bahrain Faculty and who will be supporting you throughout your academic year. You will meet your Personal Tutor within the first month of arriving to the university. 


Timetables are published on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). An academic timetable covering the first period of your programme, will be sent to you by email in advance of your first week. Once you begin, you will have access to the VLE and will be able to view your timetable online.

Reading lists

Please view the recommended reading lists below:

Our academic staff suggest that students are best advised not to purchase books in advance of arrival. They suggest that students should review books on any particular subject in the Library before they decide which book to purchase as the writing style of textbooks can vary significantly from one book to the next so it can be useful to find a text book that matches your learning style. You can then, if you wish, purchase the book from the nearby medical bookstore. Alternatively, students can avail of copies available in the Library and Learning Resource Centre.

Academic Calendars