Health Insurance

To support the Health and Wellbeing of our students and to provide an enhanced level of healthcare, RCSI Bahrain operates a mandatory group health insurance scheme for international students which begins on the 1st October each year.

The definition of international students is all students who do not hold a Bahrain or GCC Passport.

Please complete the Student Health Insurance form, by scanning the below QR code or clicking on the following link, to opt in the insurance scheme or opt out if either you are a Bahrain/GCC national or have a valid health insurance cover.​

Submission deadline is the 1st of September, 2023.

RCSI Bahrain has partnered with Orient Health Insurance to tailor a health insurance scheme with an excellent level of cover while ensuring that the insurance cost is as competitive as possible. 

Key aspects of the insurance scheme are as follows:

  1. Students will pay the first BD5 for any consultation with a health practitioner, and the balance covered under the insurance.
  2. The insurance scheme covers 100% of costs (except for the deductible of the first BD5) if attending a hospital or health centre on the Approved Network list.
  3. Outside of the Approved Network, the insurance scheme will reimburse 80% of the customary charges in Bahrain, i.e. the reasonable and usual amount applicable in most instances in Bahrain. 
  4. The insurance scheme provides cover for inpatient and outpatient costs, as well as cover in other areas such as physiotherapy, pharmacy prescriptions, alternative medicine etc. Specific limits may apply. Please refer to the list of benefits in Appendix 2 for details.
  5. If the need arises, the insurance scheme will cover the costs of the COVID-19 treatment, on a reimbursement basis, if the student is referred by the Bahrain National COVID-19 Hotline for treatment to a government-approved private hospital.  Excluding the two mandatory COVID-19 tests, on arrival in Bahrain and the exit test after ten days.
  6. The scheme has a maximum annual limit per person of BD10,000.
  7. The scheme also covers pre-existing conditions up to an annual limit of BD2,000.
  8. Worldwide cover for emergency treatment, to a maximum of BD10,000 on a reimbursement basis.
  9. The scheme offers cover dental cover up to a maximum of BD200 for routine dental procedures as well as one dental cleaning per year.
  10. The scheme offers cover for an annual wellness checkup to the value of BD50 at the following hospitals: Bahrain Royal Hospital, Al Kindi Specialist Hospital and Bahrain Specialist Hospital.  This check includes a Physical Examination, Chest X-ray, ECG, Urine Analysis, Stool Analysis, Fasting Blood Sugar and Lipid Profile
  11. Further details of the cover are included in the list of benefits.
  12.  We endeavour to maximise the benefits to students under this scheme and reserve the right to amend the benefits as necessary before the scheme begins.

The cost of this health insurance scheme is BD280 per student, running from 1st October 2023 to 30th September 2024. As a reference, if students were looking individually to buy an equivalent insurance cover, they would pay in the region of BD350 to BD400 per annum.

If you pay in full before 1st October 2023, we will subsidise the cost by 20BHD, and the applicable fee will be 260 BHD per student. If the payment is not received before 1st October 2023, the full cost of 280 BHD applies.

Information on how to make payment

You can make the payment on any of the SADAD kiosk across Bahrain or via their online mobile app as well. For SADAD payments on any of the platforms you need to select the RCSI logo – New Student – And select Medical insurance option – and proceed to make the payment. You may pay using Cash, Card & Benefit and STC pay on the SADAD machine and Card & Benefit and STC pay for the online app and website. For cash payments on the kiosk make sure to pay the exact change since the system does not give change back.

If not, you may make a bank transfer to the below account. Cash is not accepted at the fees office; however, you may deposit cash and cheques directly into our bank account by visiting any Standard Chartered Bank branch in Bahrain. Cheques can be addressed to “RCSI BAHRAIN”. Our bank account details are as follows:

Account NameRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical University of Bahrain W.L.L.
Account Number01-9053468-01
BankStandard Chartered Bank
Bank AddressPO Box 315, Building 180, Road 383, Block 315, Government Road, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. 

For any transfers and deposits kindly mention your ID number as the reference and forward a copy of the deposit/transfer slip or a screenshot of your transaction via email to . Transfers without proper details will remain unidentified. For FAWRI/Benefitpay transfers kindly mention the mobile number of the account holder on the email with the transfer copy. An email receipt will be issued once payment has been confirmed.

​Please refer to FAQs for more information.