Learning Communities Survey – For MED YEAR 1 (5 year programme) students only

In preparation for Year 1, we would like to provide you with the option to be grouped with one other student whom you may know.
As you may already know, for the Year 1 Medicine programme, students will be grouped into 4 Learning Communities.  Each Learning Community will have a total of 4 sub groups and its in these subgroups, you will live your RCSI journey.

Please complete the this form, if you would like to be grouped with 1 x other student for Year 1.
Please note that groups will be auto assigned across the 4 x Year 1 learning communities, so if you do not wish to be grouped with a particular friend or family member, you are not required to complete this form.

Unfortunately, we are only able to facilitate one grouping request per student. (Unfortunately we are unable to consider requests for larger groupings).

We would kindly ask that 1 x representative submit this request on behalf of both students to be grouped together.  So we would be grateful if you can work together to facilitate this.

This form will close on Thursday 31st August 2023.  (Any requests past this deadline will not be accepted).